Eye Care Discounts and Specials

Chester County Opticians offer several discount eye programs

Here are our current specials:

30 % off AAA

30 % off AARP

50 % off all complete second pairs

25 % off second pairs  ( frame and lenses) with 6 month contact lens purchase

  • Special children’s package
  • Exclusive discounts for senior citizens
  • $25.00 off all second pairs within 30 days of original purchase
  • FREE adjustment for the life of your eyeglasses
  • FREE case and bottle of cleaner with your purchase
  • Acorn Vision Services – if you do not currently have vision insurance you may qualify – see below for details.
  • We offer a yearly discount program on contact lenses and sunglasses – check at your location to find out about our next offer.

Acorn Vision Services – You may qualify for this discount Program.

A total eye care program for you and your family. The program includes complete eye exams at a reduced fee, as well as reduced prices on eyewear and contact lenses.

Acorn Vision Services are available at all five Chester County Opticians. Eye examinations will be offered at all locations, as well as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Traditionally eyecare coverage has been expensive and the covered services are basic. In the Premier Acorn Vision Plan, your cost is minimal, while the services are excellent. These services are extended to you and your immediate family.

In addition to the initial services, all subsequent services during the plan year are covered under the same discounts. The reduced cost of the eye examination alone is more than twice the cost of joining the program.

Eyecare is often a much sought after benefit, but like dental care, it is expensive for your employer to provide. Acorn Vision gives you the opportunity to make sure your family is covered at a cost-effective rate.

Fee Schedule

If you would like to enroll, please send a list of the family members you would like to have covered and we will enroll them immediately. We anticipate issuing identification cards shortly thereafter. The enrollment fee for a new member and their family is $24.00 for one year.

Premier Plan

  • Annual Enrollment Fee – $24.00
  • Standard Eye Exam – $50.00 (not including contact lens evaluation or fitting)
  • Non-Standard Exam Services 20% off
  • Eyeglasses – 30% off (some packages excluded)
  • Disposable Contact Lenses – 10% off (per box spherical only)
  • Standard Contact Lenses – 10% off (soft daily wear, RGP)
  • Specialty Contact Lenses – 10% off (tints, toric, bifocal, etc.)

This plan may not be used in conjunction with certain insurance plans, package plans or discount programs. Some restrictions apply. Check with the provider you choose. The provider agrees to accept all liability for products and services rendered and is responsible for providing products and services under their contract.

Sign-Up Now

Please call us at (610) 624-6724 to speak with a representative about payment information or contact:

Acorn Vision Services
PO Box 150
West Chester, PA 19381-0150

Questions about our discounts and specials?