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We are a full service optometric practice

Dedicated to serving Chester County since 1969.
Our Optometrists and trained staff are dedicated to providing quality eye care for the community with the best value possible: top quality glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at a competitive price in a minimal amount of time.

We carry a diverse selection of designer frames and fit a multitude of prescription optical lenses, including higher index materials for high prescriptions (thinner and lighter), transitions lenses, customized sun­clips, and the latest in freeform progressive lenses for bifocal prescriptions that virtually eliminate distortion.

We stock a full inventory of contact lenses and welcome hard-to-fit patients who were previously unsuccessful in wearing contacts, especially persons with astigmatism and/or bifocal prescriptions. Most vision plans are accepted as well as a discount program for those without vision insurance. Appointments are recommended.

Our eye doctors have experience, expertise, and patience in diagnosing both vision and health-related issues through thorough eye exams. Our opticians are trained to assist you in choosing frames that fit you properly and lens products that maximize your vision.

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Understand how everyday vision problems can influence day-to-day life.

Children and Teen Vision


Chester County Opticians provides the most comprehensive eye care for children and teenagers. Reports show that 80% of all learning is visual, thus a comprehensive eye examination is important to ensure that they perform at their best academically, socially, and athletically.

Senior Vision Care


Senior eye health and quality of vision are continually changing but it becomes most evident as we age. Seniors can require additional treatments and care so we recommend seniors to continue their yearly exams but also may need to be examined more frequently.

Computer Vision Syndrome


Do you spend a grueling full day at work staring at the computer reading small print with uncomfortable lighting? Leaving the office with headaches, eye strain, blurry vision, and general eye discomfort? Welcome to the modern day at work…

Dry Eye Care


Dry eye occurs when the eye is unable to produce tears properly, or when the tears aren’t the right consistency and evaporate quickly. This condition can lead to pain, ulcers, cornea scarring, and even some loss of vision if untreated.